To connect to multiple VMware vSphere Hosts simultaneously the standard answer is to use the (licensed) VMware vCenter. But for number of reasons (especially in smaller environments) this is not always the option.

Here are two mature alternatives (for free) you can use:


  1. VMWare LABS Boomerang
    VMware Boomerang is a simple VMware client Windows tool that allows you to connect to multiple VMware ESX(i) or VirtualCenter hosts. It create an easy notify tray Icon in your taskbar where you with one click [START STOP SUSPEND and RESET] and also connect to the VMware vShere client console.
    The software can be downloaded here:

    The boomerang video:

  2. Alternately (or together with VMware Boomerang :)) you can use the (free) Veeam Monitor 5 Windows product.
    Veeam Monitor 5 is an easy to use and very powerful application where you can easily the health and performance on multiple VM’s  (from multiple VMware ESX(i) hosts or multiple vCenters.
    The licensed (payed) version of Veeam Monitor 5 gives you some extra features and allows you to montor over a longer period of time.
    (here are the differences)

    The Veeam monitor video: